Homeopathic Mastitis Mix

$35.00 AUD


Homeopathic Mastitis Mix

Experience relief from mastitis naturally with our Homeopathic Mastitis Mix. Specially crafted to alleviate discomfort associated with mastitis, this gentle blend offers a holistic approach to healing.

Directions for Use:

  • Initially, take 3 drops every hour until symptoms improve.
  • Once symptoms subside, reduce dosage to 3 drops three times a day.

Why Choose Our Homeopathic Mastitis Mix?

  • Natural Relief: Harnesses the power of homeopathy to ease mastitis symptoms.
  • Gentle and Effective: Safe for both mom and baby.
  • Flexible Dosing: Adjusts to your needs for personalized care.

Say goodbye to mastitis discomfort and embrace natural healing with our Homeopathic Mastitis Mix.